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Fast-Track - Automated Penetration Testing Toolkit

Fast-Track is a python based open-source project aimed at helping penetration testers in an effort to identify, exploit, and further penetrate a network. Fast-Track was originally conceived when David Kennedy (rel1k) was on a penetration test and found that there was generally a lack of tools or automation in certain attacks that were normally extremely advanced and time consuming. In an effort to reproduce some of his advanced attacks and propagate it down to his team, he ended up writing Fast-Track for the public. Fast-Track arms the penetration tester with advanced attacks that in most cases have never been performed before. Sit back relax, crank open a can of Jolt Cola and enjoy the ride.

Fast-Track utilizes large portions of the Metasploit Framework in order to complete successful attacks. Fast-Track has a wide variety of unique attacks that allow you to utilize the Metasploit Framework to its maximum potential. We thought that showing the different attacks and how Fast-Track integrates with the Metasploit Framework was an excellent addition and complement to the course. Let's walk through Fast-Track.

Fast-Track can be used in two different modes: console mode and web interface. Let's look at each one. 

Console mode can be launched by passing the './ -c' switch to Fast Track. 

The Web Gui Mode is launched by running './ -g'. By default, the web server will start listening on port 44444. This video will demonstrate how to own and dump the remote computer password hash using Fast-Track.

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