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Web Browser Security Tests

Browser remains as our main porthole for viewing the web. It’s the main entry point for malware, Trojans, and others browser attacks. In order to ensure that your online activities are protected, you can run the browser security tests to determine how freely private information is being leaked out.

ScanIt puts your browser through 19 vulnerability tests. You can run all tests in one go, choose individual tests, or test for bugs specific to the browser (e.g. Firefox has 10 tests). The browser scanning tool supports Firefox, IE, and Opera. The FAQ will give newbies an idea of why browser vulnerability tests are important and the dangers of browser bugs.

Qualys Browser Check
Qualys uses a plugin to check for exploit weaknesses in the browser. Qualys checks Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer for potential vulnerabilities and security holes in your browser and its plugins. It flags insecure and out-of-date versions that put you at risk with color codes like red for ‘Insecure’, or ‘Obsolete’.

For any item that is insecure or out of date, a Fix It button appears. Simply click the Fix It button to download the latest update to fix your security issue.
A collection of online tests that show you how much personal information can be collected from your browser just by visiting a Web page. can tell you all kinds of detailed information about you and your browser. Information ranging from simple stuff like the name and version of your browser to more detailed stuff like what kind of fonts you have installed and what hardware you’re running on.

PC Flank
The PC Flank Web site incorporates several tests that look at overall computer security as viewed from the Internet. The checks include Stealth Test, Advanced Port Scanner Test, Trojans Test, Exploits Test, and Browser Test. Once more, I want to focus on testing the Web browser. PC Flank tries to determine whether the Web browser gives up any personal information, location details, or specifics about your ISP.


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