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Important Nmap Commands

Nmap is short for Network Mapper. It is an open source security tool for network exploration, security scanning and auditing.

Basic scan

Host discovery
nmap -sP

Exclude Host
nmap --exclude,

Find out if host is behind a firewall
nmap -sA

Scan host behind a firewall
nmap -PN
nmap -PS
nmap -PA

Scan IPv6
nmap -6 IPv6-Address

Fast scan
nmap -F -T5

Display the reason for a port in particular state
nmap --reason

Show only open port
nmap --open

Show host interface and route
nmap --iflist

OS detection

nmap -O

Scan using IP protocol ping
nmap -PO

IP protocol scan
nmap -sO

Scan firewall for security weaknesses
nmap -sN
nmap -sF
nmap -sX

Firewall scan with fragmented packets
nmap -f --mtu 32

Decoy scan
nmap -n -D decoy-ip1,decoy-ip2,your-own-ip,decoy-ip3,decoy-ip4 remote-host-ip

MAC address spoofing
nmap -v -sT -PN --spoof-mac MAC-ADDRESS-HERE

SMB scan using NSE
nmap -v -O -sV -T4 --osscan-guess -oA ms-smbscan --script=smb-enum-domains, smb-enum-processes,smb-enum-sessions,smb-enum-shares,smb-enum-users,smb-os-discovery,smb-security-mode,smb-system-info <target ip>

Scan for SMTP Open Relay
nmap --script smtp-open-relay.nse <domain> -p 25,465,587 <mail-server>

Scanning the Internet
nmap -T4 --top-ports 50 -sV -O --osscan-limit --osscan-guess --min-hostgroup 128 --host-timeout 10m -oA ms-vscan-%D

parse result
grep " open " ms-vscan.nmap | seed -r 's/ +/ /g' | sort | unique -c | sort -rn | less

Web Scanning
nmap --script http-headers,http-title <target>
nmap -sV --script "(http-*) and not(http-slowloris or httpbrute)" <target>

Scanning Website for Malware
nmap -sV --script http-google-malware.nse,http-malware-host.nse -p80,443 <target>


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