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    Since its founding in 1967, JB has proudly manufactured its products here in the United States of America.  Here are four important reasons why our products are JUST BETTER, and why Made in America is a key component of our business philosophy.                      

    Quality Products

    With American made products, you get what you pay for - durable equipment made from the best materials available.  There are no cutting corners or cheap plastic pieces. Get the best from the country you love. 

    Support American Workers

    Purchasing American made products is a great way to support fellow Americans.  By avoiding products made under dangerous conditions and in violation of child labor laws, you support safe working conditions.

    Protect the Environment

    Many overseas companies use manufacturing processes that are not only dangerous, but result in heavy pollution and a negative impact on our environment.  American manufacturers follow EPA guidelines and use cleaner methods of production to help reduce the negative effects to the environment.

    Economic Benefits

    Other countries have very low minimum wage restrictions, resulting in poverty for the employees.  When you purchase an American made product, you know you are helping provide an honest income for a fellow American’s hard work.  In addition, supporting US manufacturing keeps jobs in America.  Without the manufacturing positions available today, many citizens would not be able to provide for their families.  Help keep jobs in the USA by supporting American made products so that future generations have the opportunity to succeed.


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