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    Product Flyers

    Vacuum Pumps
    PLATINUM FLEX Battery Powered Vacuum Pump
    PLATINUM Vacuum Pump Flyer 
    PLATINUM Spark-Proof Vacuum Pump 
    PLATINUM Dual Voltage Vacuum Pump 
    ELIMINATOR Vacuum Pump Flyer  
    ELIMINATOR Spark-Proof Vacuum Pump 
    ELIMINATOR Dual Voltage Vacuum Pump 
    TANK DV-T1 Vacuum Pump Oil Caddy Flyer
    BLACK GOLD Vacuum Pump Oil

    Charging Scales
    ATLAS DS-20000S Wireless Charging Scale Flyer
    ATLAS DS-20000 Refrigerant Charging Scale Flyer 
    ATLAS Scale Line Flyer
    ATLAS Calibration Flyer

    Gauge Line Flyer
    Individual QC Test Gauges Flyer
    M2-LED8PK LED Gauge Counter Display
    M2-600 and M2-605 Natural Gas Gauges
    M2-400 and M2-405 4-in Gauge Flyer

    REFFLEX CLRF Flexible Vibration Eliminating Hose Flyer
    KOBRA CLSX Hose Flyer
    KOBRA CCLE4 Kobra Hose Flyer
    KOBRA CLE Kobra Hose Flyer
    KOBRA CCLS Secure Seal Rebuild Kit 33112RK Flyer
    KOBRA CLS Secure Seal Hose Flyer
    KOBRA CLSB Series Hose
    KOBRA CLBV Series Hose
    KOBRA CCLV4 Series Hose
    VELOCITY VL-100 Rapid Evacuation Kit Flyer
    Hose Line Flyer

    Leak Detectors
    AURORA LD-6000IR Infrared Leak Detector Flyer
    PROWLER LD-5000 Leak Detector Flyer
    LDC-4000 Combustible Gas HC Refrigerant Leak Detector Flyer
    QUEST LD-3000 Leak Detector Flyer
    HUNTER Leak Detector Flyer
    Leak Detection Line Flyer

    Locking Caps
    SHIELD Refrigerant Locking Cap Flyer  
    SHLD-MULTI Universal Locking Cap Key Flyer

    R290/Natural Gas Products
    Natural Gas Products Flyer



    30744 CO2 Manifold Flyer
    M2 Heat Pump Manifold Flyer 
    M2 Standard Brass Manifold Flyer
    Patriot 2-Valve Manifold Flyer
    Revolver 4-Valve Manifold Flyer
    Zeppelin 4-Valve Manifold Flyer
    Manifold Line Flyer

    Digital Manifolds
    DM4-R REVOLVER Digital Manifold Flyer
    DM4-RW REVOLVER Wireless Digital Manifold Flyer
    DM4-Z ZEPPELIN Digital Manifold Flyer
    DM4-ZW ZEPPELIN Wireless Digital Manifold Flyer
    DMG2-5 2-Valve Digital Manifold flyer

    Digital Vacuum Gauges
    DV-22N Digital Vacuum Gauge
    DV-40S Wireless Micron Gauge Flyer
    DV-41 SUPERNOVA Digital Vacuum Gauge
    SH-35N Wireless Digital Gauge for Superheat/Subcooling Flyer
    Vacuum Gauge Line

    Mini-Split Kits
    Mini-Split Kit MSKIT1 MSKIT2 MSKIT3
    JB-BACKPACK1 - Backpack Flyer
    JB-TOOLBAG1 - Toolbag Flyer

    Refrigerant Recovery
    F6-DP Dual Piston Refrigerant Recovery Unit Flyer
    Refrigerant Recovery Tanks

    Tools and Access Valves
    RT70170_RT70171 Adjustible Slim Profile Wrenches
    A31999 Valve Core Flyer
    A32008 Valve Core Torque Tool Flyer
    A32525N Valve Core Remover Flyer
    CoreMax Rapid Evacuation System
    T30600 Racheting Flare Tool Flyer 
    T30600-G Metal Flare Size Gauge
    TRQ1080 Torque Wrench Set Flyer
    SM-18 Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet

    Ball Valves
    E-Line Refrigerant Ball Valve Actuator Specs
    E-Line Actuator Retrofit Caps Flyer 
    MBV4 and MBV5 Mini Ball Valves




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