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    The partnership of Rothenberger and JB brings together the best of German engineering and European craftsmanship with American distribution to create the highest quality tools in the HVAC/R marketplace. Rothenberger tools are made of the highest quality materials and to the strictest quality standards to ensure that these tools will not fail when you need them the most. Backed by a 24 month over-the-counter warranty, JB and Rothenberger are dedicated to standing behind their products. We have seen a tremendous growth and acceptance in the marketplace. Through the JB distribution channel, is now available in over 900 HVAC/R branch locations nationwide. Once you get your hands on these tools, you can immediately feel the quality and see why Rothenberger is Just Better. We are proud to present our collection for your review. Should you not see a particular tool of interest, please contact us at 800-323-0811 or email us at sales@jbind.com.

    For more descriptions on our Rothenberger products, click one of the following links:

    Expanding, Extracting and Bending Tools (1.8 MB)

    Steel Pipe Equipment (2 MB)

    Roweld (53 KB)

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