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    CM-CRTOOL - CoreMax Valve Core Removal Tool


    Sub Category:

    Rapid Evacuation and Refrigerant Charging

    Used by service technicians to remove and replace CorMax valve cores in charged units or in the factory when refrigerant recovery is not necessary for rework.
    The CoreMax system eliminates process tubes and Schrader valves replacing them with a removable high flow valve. For units with process tubes and Schrader valves you may be able to reduce the cost of your refrigeration unit by replacing them with CoreMax.  As a side benefit to eliminating process tubes, you may eliminate one or more brazed joints which are a potential leak path. This revolutionary method gives you the choice of how you want to test, fill and evacuate your systems. Sleeve actuated Design which allows removal and replacement of COREMAX valve core without loss of refrigerant in charged units.
    • 1.625” diameter x 6.125” length approximate size
    • Pressure up to 600 psi
    • Rugged stainless steel handle
    • Tough ball bearing quick connect coupler
    • Sleeve actuated tool allows core removal and replacement
    • Heavy-duty brass body construction
    • Eliminate process tubes and Schrader valves with the CoreMax High-Flow Valve
    • Higher flow improves vacuum quality and shortens evacuation time
    • Designed for CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants


    View or download the appropriate operating and maintenance instructions for the Valve Core Removal Tool below. Proper use of the removal tool will ensure safe operation and maximum connector life.


    Valve Core Removal Tool - Operating Instructions

    Valve Core Removal Tool - Maintenance Instructions

    Valve Core Removal Tool - Specifications

    CoreMax Flyer



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