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    CM-S250 - CoreMax 1/4" Seat (3 pk)

    Access Valves

    Sub Category:

    Stub tube style for use with CoreMax valve cores

    • The CoreMax seat is critical to the integrated system design
    • The seat is designed with gripping and sealing surfaces that work with the variety of CoreMax tools
    • The seat comes in a variety of styles such as Stub Tube, Saddle Mount, Panel Mount and NPT 
    • Standard stub tube size fits OD of 1/4” tube through 3/8” tube
    • Side mounts, panel mounts and custom mounts are also available
    • Tube stop for ease of assembly

    View or download the appropriate installation instructions for the Stub Tube, Saddle Mount and NPT style CoreMax seats for use with the CoreMaxvalve core below. Proper installation of the valve core will ensure maximum performance.

    CoreMax Flyer

    Stub Tube, Saddle Mount, NPT Seat - Installation Instructions 

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