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    CM-SNAP - SnapMate Service High Flow Connector

    Access Valves

    Sub Category:


    The SnapMate service connectors are designed to provide quick connections to CoreMaxValve Cores as well as standard access valves. The Collets grip on the threads and are specifically designed for the Service Industry by providing quick and easy connections to all 7/16-20, 45? flare access valves. Used by HVAC service technicians to evacuate and charge refrigerant during field servicing.

    • Product Family : SnapMate
    • Product Family : CoreMax
    • Connection Method : Sleeve Actuated
    • Pressure Rating: 625 (43.0)
    • Termination : -4 (7/16-20) 45° (Male)
    • Brass collet grips and hardened steel sleeve
    • For pressures up to 625 psi
    • 7/16-12, 45º Flare termination
    • Safe use of pressurized media in sealing, testing and filling requires thorough understanding of Fastest Connectors
    • Connectors are designed to mate with a specific application. Verify application prior to pressurizing or processing 
    • A secondary restraint or operator protection is recommended for all pressure applications
    • Use only in a safe environment
    • Connectors are NOT designed for permanent connections and are temporary connections only
    • DO NOT EXCEED pressure rating as marked on connector or corresponding literature 

    View or download the appropriate operating and maintenance instructions for the SnapMate Service style connectors.  Proper use of the connectors will ensure safe operation and maximum connector life.


    SnapMate Service - Operating Instructions

    SnapMate Service - Replacement Instructions

    SnapMate Service - Specifications

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