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    Warranty and Repairs--Return Goods

    Repair and Return Policy


    Return Goods Authorization (RGA) numbers must be obtained through customer service in the Aurora, Illinois office prior to returning product that is considered within warranty. All paperwork accompanying shipment must note the assigned RGA number. For end user returns, product must be returned through an authorized JB wholesaler.


    Customer is responsible for freight shipment to Aurora, Illinois.


    JB Industries has a 20% rehandling charge on all returns in which credit is issued. All product must be clean and in resalable condition. Product that needs repackaging will be charged an additional 5%.

    Brass fittings must be returned in full box quantities and in the original JB box to receive credit.

    Rehandling charge does not apply on shipment errors or mistakes in ordering if product is returned within 30 days of shipment.


    Credit will be calculated using the previous year’s price sheet or discount unless a copy of the invoice is submitted with the return. Product other than JB’s or obsolete items will be scrapped and no credit issued.


    JB Industries
    RGA# (enter RGA#)
    601 North Farnsworth Avenue
    Aurora, IL 60505  USA


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